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My Etsy Shop, Bapsicrafts
I’m back in long beach selling at the St. Cornelius Church Fiesta.
Come say hello!
I’m currently selling at @twoelephantsshop in Granada Hills! 
Find me at Chatsworth and White Oak until 6pm this evening for one-of-a-kind hand-knits.

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Borrowed from
The Synapse in Grey Marble by Bapsicrafts
Keep your head from freezing off this winter. I make this by hand and to order in your choice of over two dozen colors.
5 days ‘til Third Thursdays at Canoga Park!!!
Got the vintage mannequin out to try different styles for my little craft display. :) I prefer a neutral style all around usually, but some of my customers like wearing their cowls loud for a nice accent to their muted look. How do you like to wear your knits?
They’re here~
This Andean wool will become a custom Chullo hat for an awesome customer. Fitting, right?
Late night working! I just finished cutting and fray-checking all if these labels tonight. They’re patiently waiting to dry and be hand-sewn by yours truly onto finished knits~
Knitting a custom vegan yarn Condyle for a local customer today. I have just a few more rows left, and I’ll cast on stitches for the second~
Every venture into the yarn stash means more ideas for new color schemes. This part’s my favorite (spoiler: every part of Bapsicrafts is my favorite) ✨
On my needles: a plushy warm brown washcloth for the shop. On my kindle: Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris. I’ve been on a science fiction kick this summer. 🌌